Are you a father wanting to make sure that your son grows into the world...

as a confident, capable, and honorable leader?

Do you ever worry that society is showing him a warped perspective of what it means to be a man?

What if I told you there was a “rite of passage” experience both you and your son could go through that showed him…
  • How To Carry Himself As A True Masculine Man
  • What To Do In Order To Gain Respect From The Men Around Him
  • How To Be A Servant Leader And Protector Of Others
  • ​How To Have Clarity On His Path and Purpose In Life
And showed you as a father…
  • How To Shape Your Son Into A Benevolent Leader
  • How To Lead By Example As A Masculine Role Model
  • What It Takes To Ensure Your Son Stays On The Right Path

By the time you finish reading this letter, 
you’ll be able to see clearly...

WHY it’s more difficult than ever before for our sons to embody true masculinity…

And you’ll know exactly how to make sure your son shows up as the leader this world needs him to be.

And a few months from now when you’re seeing your son showing up as a young man instead of a little boy...

You’ll realize that this transformation started with your decision to read this letter today.

But before I tell you about this, I need to explain to you why the way your son views masculinity is so damn important.


It’s absolutely apparent there is a full-blown attack on masculinity

Just look at how often we hear people talk about “toxic masculinity.”

There’s no such thing, there are men who are toxic, and there are men who are masculine.

There is no “toxic masculinity”.

There are confused men.

There are passive-aggressive men.

There are soft men who lost touch with the warrior within.

But there is no such thing as “toxic masculinity”.

This is just one of the many lies society is feeding into your son’s mind in an attempt to declaw and defang men and to get men to question their desire to compete, be aggressive, win and succeed in life.


strong men are dangerous men

Because confident men are dangerous men.

Because men are literally the only ones who are going to stand in the gap and defend our society from tyranny and take over seeping into our nation.

If the powers that be can weaken a masculine society and turn them into soft, confused, unsure, passive-aggressive, and feminine betas…

Imagine how much easier it is to have greater control over a society so more people become dependent on the power in charge?

Brother, it is your duty not only to your son but to society as well, to show your son what it means to be a man and how to embody the change you wish to see in the world.

I’d love to show you how I can help you do this, but first...


My Name Is Bedros Keuilian

I’m the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, a worldwide international fitness franchise, as well as six other thriving companies, author of the Wall St. Journal best-selling book Man Up, and coach and mentor to top entrepreneurs, thought leaders, professional athletes, and former members of our military’s special operations communities.

While my parents did a great job raising me and making sure I had everything I needed…

I, unfortunately, did not have someone show me how to embody true masculinity.

It took me well into my early 30’s to…
  • Learn How to lead
  • Find Out How to problem solve
  • How To develop my own set of core values 
  • ​And How to be a gentleman



Because I knew the society he was growing up in was much more confusing than the one I grew up in...

When he turned 13 years old, I wanted to do something special for him that would mark this time he became a young man.

I wanted him to understand...
  • His Character Matters
  • The Importance Of Keeping His Word To Others
  • Having Core Values And Principles To Live By
  • ​How To Be A Gentleman And A Warrior Through His Journey Of Life


I assembled a group of men who I respect and who live lives of high moral authority 

To put my son through a rite of passage experience.

We flew out to a tactical training center that was used by police, federal agents, and the military to better hone in their skills.

After a full day of high-stress and high-speed experiences, we poured wisdom into him that we wished we had gotten as teenagers ourselves.

This was something very powerful, meaningful and memorable for my son – and for me.

When I shared this experience with other dads 

they all wanted to do something similar for their sons

No father wants to fail in raising their son to be a man.

When you look around and you see men who are…
  • Passive-Aggressive And Petty…
  • Constantly Stressed Out And Blowing Up At Everyone Around Them…
  • Chronically Depressed And Unable To Control Their Emotions…
  • ​Lost In Their Purpose And Unsure Of Their Path in Life...
It’s a sign that their fathers failed them.

So many boys spend more time screen sucking social media and video games instead of facing the adversity that will make them into real men.


who don’t know how to…

Accomplish simple tasks every man should know, like:
  • Change A Tire
  • Saw A Piece Of Wood
  • Drive Manual Transmission
  • ​Open Doors For Women
  • Sit In The Right Spot At A Restaurant To Keep Their Head On A Swivel
  • Defend Themselves And Others
  • Have The Confidence To Make Eye Contact When Speaking 
And I find it heartbreaking that these son’s fathers may never come to the realization that they did absolutely nothing to teach their son how to become a man.

Before my son was even born...

I knew this was going to be my duty and purpose

And I’d like to tell you a story that shows you what it looks like when a father leads his son towards true masculinity.

Every day...

my son and I work out together at 7 PM

Afterward, we hit the hot tub together and have deep conversations.

I want to provide a space where my son can be open and vulnerable while knowing his father is there to guide him.

And the other day he told me… “Dad, I don’t know if you know this or not, but now that I’m in high school, I’m kind of a popular kid, so I decided to start a movement of sobriety.”'

I asked him, “What do you mean son?”

“Well, a lot of the kids in my grade are now smoking puff sticks.”
With a confused look on my face, I replied, “What the f*** is a puff stick?”

My son went on to explain to me that a “puff stick” is a nicotine vape pen, and how a lot of kids in his grade are addicted to it.


a lot of kids would say what he’s doing isn’t “cool”...

My son took the leadership role to create a movement of kids who were against this horrible addiction. This is a byproduct of the confidence that I’ve instilled in him.

Words can’t explain how proud I was of my son.

I was so grateful because I know every man wants to have a son who’s a confident, competent, and driven leader who can have an impact on the world…

And this is the exact reason I created…

The Squire Program


The Squire Program is a father-son journey, where we take both of you through a 15-hour long ritual.

For your son, we put him through a rite of passage from being a boy to having a seat at the table with men.

For you, we show how to groom your son into a capable and confident man, who's a protector and a provider… And who is always prepared to stand his ground

Within The Squire Program, there are 5 instructors who will lead you through the experience…

However, you will be leading your son through the entirety of the 15 hours.

PRICE: $1,900


location: JAY, ME
date: may 28, 2022

Ryan Michler

Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraq Combat Veteran, and the founder of Order of Man. Ryan was raised without a permanent father figure and has seen first-hand how a lack of strong, ambitious, self-sufficient men has negatively impacted society. He believes many of the world's most complicated and challenging problems could be resolved if men dedicated themselves to becoming more capable husbands, fathers, businessmen, and community leaders.

It has now become his life's mission to help men across the planet step more fully into their roles as protectors, providers, and presiders over themselves, their families, their businesses, and their communities. His podcast, Order of Man, has been downloaded over 20,000,000 times, he has a social media presence of over 500,000 men, and thousands of men have successfully completed his online and live workshops, courses, and events. You can learn more at his website, Order of Man.

location: AUSTIN, TX
date: july 23, 2022

tim kennedy & WES WHITLOCK

Tim Kennedy is a Green Beret Sniper, UFC Fighter & Entrepreneur has a rapidly growing audience with 1.1 million followers on his personal Instagram and over 10 million followers through the many outlets of his parent company Tim Kennedy Operations. This number does not include all the millions of individuals who Tim is frequently introduced to by all of his respective partners; celebrity network; endorsed events and a medley of other outlets that frequent all aspects of Tim Kennedy Operations. This rapid growth has also led Tim Kennedy Operations to the creation of a media production company in order to fulfill its continuous need for content and growth along with a new production facility. He’s starred on the History Channel’s Hunting Hitler and Discovery’s Hard to Kill. Tim owns Apogee Cedar Park a private school in Texas, and Sheepdog Response, a tactical training company. He lives with his wife and children in Texas. You can follow Tim on Instagram & Twitter @TimKennedyMMA. 
Wes Whitlock is a Marine, father, and founder of Rogue American and Invader Coffee. Wes honorably served in the Marines for 6 years. He was Honorably Discharged as a Sergeant with a Top-Secret Government Clearance. Wes has traveled the world extensively and his experiences have proven to be invaluable. Much of his life was spent abroad working in Spain, Yemen, Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. However, he remains partial to Italy and calls it his second home. Wes founded RAA in 2011 in Austin, Texas where he currently resides, operates his 3 businesses, maintains both a storefront and gym (free to all military, LEO, and veterans), and runs his podcast “Going Rogue with Wes Whitlock.”

location: CHINO HILLS, CA
date: january 14, 2023, 
July 15, 2023


location: Holly Ridge, Nc
date: November 5, 2022

Nick Koumalatsos

Nick Koumalatsos is a Husband, Father, Author, Marine Raider, Recon Marine, and the founder of The Agoge.

Nick Served 12 years in The United States Marine Corps as a Marine Raider and Recon Marine serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and all over SW Asia.

Since his time in service he has worked with non for profits to create a network and systems to ensure our nations veterans were successful when leaving service.

He also became a serial entrepreneur building a selling businesses for the last 10 years. Current he is the CEO of the fastest growing organic mens grooming company Johnny Slicks and is the CEO of The Agoge and transformational program helping fathers, husbands, and businessmen become the very best versions of themselves. He and his wife Alison also host The Harbor Site Podcast. 

The instructors will provide support

but our goal is to condition your son to listen to their father’s voice…

So when they leave the program, they will always have that voice in their mind…
Guiding them on the path they need to be on.

What This Will Do For Your Son…


“What’s the biggest difference you can notice amongst the sons in the program?”

Personally, I’ve noticed a few things as consistent patterns, they...
  • Start Standing Up Straight With Their Shoulders Back...
  • Make And Hold Eye Contact When Speaking…
  • Have A Firm Masculine Handshake...
  • Find Their Voice And Can Roar Like The Young Lions They Are…
And these are just the immediate benefits I see after the end of the 15 hours…

Fathers text me months after the program telling me how their son…
  • No Longer Acts Like A Child 
  • Takes On Responsibility Instead Of Avoiding It
  • Operates With A Disciplined Focus Everyday
  • Actively Takes On The Leadership Role In Their Family And Friend Group


Here’s what the sons and their fathers had to say about The Squire Program...


There Are Three Paths In Front Of You…

Every decision we make in life leads us down a path.

And right now, there are three possible decisions you can make…

 The first one is to do nothing.

This by far is the most irresponsible decision you could make not only to your son, but to our society as well.

Let’s face it, we need more masculine men in this world.

Not showing your son how to do that is something I can’t imagine any father being proud of.


The second decision is to try to do this yourself

While this is a much better decision than the first one, I will tell you right now, this is by far the path of most resistance.

Believe me, when I was planning out my son Andrew’s rite of passage it took me weeks of preparation.

On top of that, doing this by yourself limits the magnitude of the experience your son will go through.

This is why I highly recommend the third decision

which is signing up for The Squire Program!

Your son will go through this journey with other young men who will become lifelong brothers to him…

You’ll be able to lead him through the scenarios we have constructed for you two…

And along with all of the other men in our ritual, we will be able to pass along the knowledge we wish we had at his age.

Your son deserves this experience so he can step into the world as the confident and competent leader we desperately need more of.

If you’d like to give that experience to him...

click the button below to apply

I hope to see you and your son soon brother.

frequently asked questons


The Squire Program is a father-son journey, where we take both of you through a 15-hour long ritual. For your son, we put him through a rite of passage from being a boy to having a seat at the table with men. For you, we show how to groom your son into a capable and confident man, who's a protector and a provider. You’ll be leading your son through multiple exercises and parts of the program as well as separating from him for group talks with the instructors and other fathers in the program.


On Saturday, May 28, 2022, July 23, 2022, September 24, 2022 and November 5, 2022. You and your son (age ranging from 13-15) are invited to share a 15-hour rite of passage experience that will be impactful and memorable for both of you.


My goal is to make this available and affordable for all fathers and sons because I know just how important of an experience like this is to the development of our young men. So the fee for you and your son to join us for this experience is only $1,900 – this covers food and beverage as well as the cost of the event such as instructor fees, liability insurance, transportation bus, and equipment/gear.

As I said, the $1,900 fee will help cover the operational cost of the event as well as a donation to Shriners Hospital For Children – the charity that my family and I have been giving to for over a decade. We believe in supporting causes and charities that make our world a better place as such we’ve made giving back apart of this program.

The last Squire program sold out quickly so please understand that once this class is full we can not accept anyone else.
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